"A zenith of wordsmithery, her voice is a smoke drenched thunder stroke of authenticity"


-someone really important


I live in Nashville. Moved here from NYC, which I miss a lot and visit often, but I am originally from ATL. I write songs, sometimes with people and a lot of times alone.


(Holler if you're down to put some words and melodies together, together


My upcoming release "Stars or Angels" is a 6 track EP, including my two new singles "Little Back House" and "Hold My Own Hand" coming February 19. IMO, this record delicately shifts between humor and despair, while sweating the persistent fever of way-finding, all while appreciating the treadmill of life, to put it simply. It's my wintered debut, that combines rich lyrics and storytelling, rooted in acoustic guitar and an edged ether, created by my producer Asher Peterson, who encapsulates and hugs theses stories artfully. 

Check out my behind the music feature on Sonika's World to learn more about the record.