New to Nashville, by way of New York, this Atlanta native has wandered and weaved her way in to music. 

Unbeknownst to many, a 16 year old Morgan began developing as a songwriter, in her acoustically blessed tiled bathroom, softly crooning and strumming her very first (Costco) guitar...thinking no one was listening, until she caught her mum pressing her ear between the cracks of the door. 


With a degree in Textile Design, she intended to be a visual artist, but found her words and her voice to be wonderfully creative tools as well. Her six string skills and introduction to writing and iconic sounds, like Joni Mitchell, were taught by the inimitable Mereba. This grounded Morgan with ATL roots, Brooklyn energy, and now Nashville on her horizon.  

"A zenith of wordsmithery, her voice is a smoke drenched thunder stroke of authenticity". 

- someone really important

© 2019 by Morgan Brock

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